Origin of the Idea

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High Q Video is a business idea that combines my interest in videography with the growing need that people have to make connections in a 24×7 global world.

I though about the idea for years, but finally jump started it during the Tucson StartupWeekend event in Aug 2011.

Short Version: High Q Video is a brick and mortar business to provide professional video and audio recording, editing, and assistance hosting. Our mission is to help clients create quick informative and fun videos in a few hours at a fraction of the cost of a traditional video studio.

Originally, I believed realtors would be the first group interested in using video to connect with clients, but the need for an affordable high quality video service appears to be nearly universal.

Doctors. Lawyers. Painters. Massage therapists. Everyone needs to market themselves. 

Face to face is the best way to connect with people, but personal interaction isn’t possible with the always-on global Internet. Video can help you make a connection and a great first impression with thousands of prospective customers.

High Q Video studios mission is to provide high quality video recording with professional audio and lighting.  We’ll help you quickly create short, high impact videos, with titles, logos, and slogans.  We can also provide portraits.

Our goal is a high quality video product in less than day for only a few hundred dollars.

– Tim at highqvideo.com